We know what agencies do the hospitality community can do and do better.
Build your network of freshly sauced local chefs and be part of the agency-free revolution!
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Tired of getting chewed up and spat out by agencies and their fees?
Agencies often:
Fail to properly screen the chefs they take on where it benefits them
Churn out inexperienced chefs and pass them off as the crème de la crème
Take a 20% - 30% fee on top of chef's pay, stifling their ability to compete
Break free from the tyranny of agencies!
We know what agencies do the hospitality community can do and do better. So we say let’s give word of mouth super powers.
This place wants to hire a trained chef, so they ask on Sauce
Sauce then sends out a signal through the word of mouth networks of chefs and venues
This signal bounces from network to network until suitable chefs are found
Once a chef is chosen each person that took part in the recommendation takes a share of the finders fee
This happens in the background, lightning fast. All that's needed is to choose the right chef for the job
The chef does the job and gets paid for their awesome work
Venues that are pleased can reward chefs with compliments. Collect these! As they generate trust for you on the network
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Our word of mouth engine works seamlessly by connecting individual's own networks together, leveraging them to benefit both themselves and places looking for chefs
The Word of Mouth Engine
Sauce works like lightning. Seeking out the fastest physical route to great, peer reviewed chefs through interlinking multiple word of mouth networks.
This means Sauce provides a way for chefs and venues to earn some extra dough on the side by selling their authentic recommendations for part of a distributed finders fee.
Our finders fee is distributed between each person involved in recommending you a chef, while maintaining competition between them.
Competition & Distribution
This shift in perspective will noticeably reduce the cost of finding a great chef, disrupting the fat cat agencies.
This means more room for chefs to compete on a level playing field and more money in the hands of those that deserve it.
The more a chef does their job well the more their employers will recommend them, with Sauce this process is greatly improved.
Complements to the Chef
When a chef exceeds the expectations of their employer they can be awarded complements. As they build up this rating they're more likely to be trusted for bigger, higher paying jobs.
Venues can also be sure they will receive the best person for the job through this system, peer reviewed and without a central authority that can fudge the rules to benefit themselves!
A full suite of beautiful user experiences will be available as apps on the following platforms:
Mac OS, Windows, Linux and Web
iOS and Android
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These are early days for Sauce but we are working on something for you to get your hands dirty with soon! Please register below for updates on our development process or if you just feel like having a chat feel free to use the contact form alongside.

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